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Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

1. Encourage Questions. Don't answer every question, instead ask what do they think. Asking questions … [Continue Reading...]

Teaching Children To Organize

Organizing is something that many people are born with, yet those who aren't need not despair. Organizing is … [Continue Reading...]

Top Ten Tips For Having Fun Organizing

Has the word "clutter" become a negative trigger for you? Do piles of papers or stacks of stuff invade and … [Continue Reading...]

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Lighten Up – Let the Kids Have Fun…

I constantly think back to my childhood and remember all the fun (and sometimes dangerous) stuff my siblings and I used to do. Such as climbing 30 ft into pine trees and leaping from tree to tree like squirrels, climbing out the second story … [Continue Reading...]


Great iPhone and iPod Touch Games for Kids

If you've ever had a time where you've been sitting somewhere waiting for a while with you kids, you already know that their patience where's thin. You've forgotten to pack them some games or their gameboys and now they are stating to drive you … [Continue Reading...]


Bare with us! We are expanding…

Thank you all for your patience. It has been quite a busy time moving the site over to a new Content Management System and I appreciate your patience while I get all the content back up. As I have changed around the way businesses are listed, it … [Continue Reading...]

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